The Bunny Ate Our Internet

The Cookie Tree Mansion (as my house is affectionately known) is FULL this summer.  In addition to my six roommates and I, there is an adorable black bunny named Dracula and a semi-nameless, oft-forgotten fish.

It is also HOT.  Like, full on sweating and inability to move hot because it’s 106 (feels like 111!) degrees outside and the air conditioner can’t keep up.  The coolest room in the house is the downstairs bathroom, which is holding steady around a balmy 80.  Upstairs is averaging around 95.  After several weeks of double fans on high in the bedroom and being in a constant heat-induced state of lethargic grumpiness while at home, I realized 1) I could never hear Joe over the fans and all they did was blow the hot air around anyway and 2) it didn’t have to be this way.  So, Joe and I decided to move downstairs to the living room, which we now share with Dracula and the man on the mantelpiece.

Painting credit to Rachel Sacks (torso) and Alexis Boleda (legs)

Background:  In the confusion caused by three people moving out and five people  moving in, there was some miscalculation and forgetfulness surrounding the number of beds in the house, leaving us with an extra double bed in the downstairs living room area (which, by the way, is directly adjacent to the entryway of the house, right at the bottom of the stairs, and open to the dining room).  After a month or so of grumbling about how the bed blocked the only functioning air conditioning vent downstairs, Joe and I decided to just bring some sheets and pillows down and take it over.

The new arrangement doesn’t lend itself to much privacy, but has been excellent in all other regards.  It’s certainly spacious, and my mood has much improved (the effect has been much as if I began doubling my caffeine intake and regularly taking happy pills), as has my ability to function at a normal level without making a supreme effort.  One of the best parts of the new arrangement is the proximity to bun, as Dracula is more commonly referred to.  All it takes to create a little ramp up to the bed is opening the door to his pen, which has led to much wonderful morning playtime.  I would have preferred snuggletime, but Dracula is independently minded and can’t be bothered to snuggle with me.

PS: If you’re wondering about the title, that’s in reference to the time that Dracula managed to chew right through our router cable.  I was on the internet at the time, and it suddenly cut out.  The Cookie Tree internet has never been especially reliable, so I assumed that it just needed to be reset.  As I got up to turn the router off and on again, Joe jokingly said, “I bet Dracula ate it.”  I went over to take a look and, lo and behold, he had.

Fortunately, I had a router from my old apartment that we were able to connect without too much trouble.  The tough part was figuring out a way to barricade the cables so Dracula won’t be able to get to them in the future!

PPS: The power went out on our block for a while later that day too.  We’re thinking that Dracula got to the main power supply and chewed through that too.

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