Technology Prevails

So this is my first post produced entirely using my cell phone. Nothing you see here was created or processed through my laptop like usual. In fact, I am writing now from the passenger seat of our rental car as Joe and Robert and I make the drive from San Francisco to San Jose for Elicia and Sam’s wedding (which is happening this evening!).

We spent last night staying with a friend in San Francisco who works for the WordPress OpenSource project, and e gave me a lesson in the wonderful world of iPhone apps.

More details later, since I am, after all, typing on a little baby keyboard and that becomes tiresome quickly. For now, I’ll just put up a few snapshots of the trip so far.

Just because I can.


We got a parking ticket. Silly street cleaning!


Daryl’s apartment is awesome, and full of interesting little details like this cute little round window. Better, however, are the twin cherubs guarding over his bedroom windows.


Joe picturesquely enjoying his chicken soup.


Spiderwebs in the sky.

So there you go. Instant reporting, live from Highway 17!

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One thought on “Technology Prevails

  1. Dad says:

    Ironically, your photo of the “spiderwebs in the sky” made me notalgic for SF and riding the N Judah.

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