Jazzed about Exercise

Since my glory days of cross country and track in high school, I have not been someone who works out.  Oh sure, I would go for a run or accompany a friend to the gym every few months or so, and I walked and biked everywhere to get around, but regular exercise for the sake of exercise was not a part of my life.

Until now.

A combination of spending most days sitting, having a fitness center in my building, and starting to bike to and from work has inspired me to get back into tip-top shape.

It’s not much, but my (hopefully realistic) goal is to spend at least half and hour each weekend day in the fitness center and to bike 2.2 miles each way to and from work (for a total of 22 miles each week).

Now that I’ve put it up here, I have to follow through, right?  Time to get those high school abs back!

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