Photos from the Commute

I travel the same 2.2-mile stretch of Locust Street between Grand Center and Downtown twice each weekday as I bike to and from work.  Every time, I notice more interesting little details.

The heyday of Locust was in the nineteenth century, and the architecture along the way alludes to it’s illustrious past.  Many of the historic buildings have survived (to at least some extent), and layers and layers renovation and signage have since been piled on top, resulting in a fantastic muddle of periods and styles with a wealth of captivating detail.

Every day I bike past, I occupy myself by mentally framing the photographs I would love to make if I only had my camera and a chance to take the time to really look.

This past weekend I finally made the time to walk along my bike route , so here it is at last: my commute in photos.

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One thought on “Photos from the Commute

  1. […] Of course Joe and I had to stop by and check out his new digs on our epic walk down Locust. […]

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