Content to be in Marketing

I have a new job.

While I previously spent my days answering an endless stream of emails and phone calls as a web support specialist, I will now be spending my days writing and tweeting as a Content Marketing Coordinator (guess who now has not one, but two separate Twitter accounts!)

It’s an exciting move for me.  Four years ago, I never would have guessed that my highly academic path (trailing through postmodern literature, foreign languages, masculinities theory, aesthetic negativity, and museum studies and culminating in a degree in Comparative Literature with a side of German) would have led up to a marketing position at a software company.  However, while I still occasionally expose my embarrassing lack of business acumen by asking questions such as “What exactly is a lead?”, the opportunity to put my fingers back to the keyboard, be creative, and think will be a great to get back in touch with my liberal arts roots.

And who knows?  Maybe this will finally be the impetus I need to start watching Mad Men.

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