The Building

The Building

A week or so ago, Dave closed on the building in South City.  The building that he is tearing apart down to the sub-floor and re-building to create spaces for a wood shop for David Moore Furniture, a recording studio for Kid Scientist, a video production workspace for KS Studios, and an apartment for him, Joe, and I to live in.

This is (unsurprisingly) the first renovation project that I have been actively (read: at all) involved in, so I’m excited to see the process.  I won’t have much to do with the heavy lifting and wall-smashing, but I’m very much looking forward to being able to help design a space from the ground up (well, from the sub-floor up).

It is true that the building is much farther from where I work and where my friends live, and the surrounding community isn’t quite as vibrant as Grand Center, but I’m hoping that being able to truly customize the space will help me feel better about eventually leaving the Metropolitan apartment I have so quickly come to love.

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