InFest StL #3

2720 Cherokee

Kid Scientist played again at the third InFest STL local music festival at 2720 Cherokee on Cherokee Street. As before, the music was incredible. Here are a few photographs from the performance. For a closer approximation of the full experience, give them a listen while you look!

Kid Scientist wasn’t the only amazing band at InFest either. I heard great music from Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager
Golden Curls

Golden Curls
…and Middle Class Fashion as well.

Look them all up! These bands are too good not to lend a listen.

Also, for any of you reading this in St. Louis, you can catch Kid Scientist and Middle Class Fashion again (along with HUMDRUM, another great local band) on Friday, August 2nd at Off Broadway for the FREE Middle Class Fashion CD Release Show sponsored by New Belgium and 4 Hands!
I know I’ll be there.

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