I just completed my most ambitious knitting project to date.

A little back story:

Photo Credit to Rachel Sacks

Photo Credit to Rachel Sacks

I started knitting about a year ago, and my absolute favorite knitting blog (and the source of most of my patterns) is, which is run by Purl Soho in New York City.

Purl Bee patterns have provided me with Christmas and birthday gifts for many family members and friends, and their tutorials have helped me master a variety of new stitches and techniques, so I’m kind of a super fan.

I was very excited to finally be able to visit the store itself when I was in New York this past December. There I spent a delightful several hours browsing through yarns and patterns (my friend Rachel snapped a photo of me deep in thought next to their enormously colorful wall of yarn), and I eventually settled on the sweater dress shown here, which was certainly a larger, if not more complicated, project than I had ever undertaken before.

Fortunately everything went well, and I am proud to finally be able to show off the finished product!

For the curious among you, here are the details:

Colorblock Tunic: Frontenac Pattern by Julie Hoover made with Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino in Pale Stone & Dark Loam
Slouchy Hat: Target
Ankle Boots: Qupid
Seahorse Pendant: Scarlett Garnet (which is the source of most of my favorite jewelry)
Tights: Who knows!

And here are the detail shots:

I would estimate the project took me approximately 50 hours to knit, which gave me plenty of time to get almost all the way caught up on Doctor Who. Working with yards (miles?) of wool probably caused my hands to sweat a bit, and I may have dripped a few tears on it when Amy & Rory’s time with the Doctor came to an end, but fortunately no blood went into the making of this sweater!

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9 thoughts on “Knitwitchery

  1. sybilqiu says:

    Wowwww…. SO gorgeous! 🙂

    *high five from a fellow Whovian*

    • swish-click says:

      Thank you!! I am fully of the opinion that knitting + Doctor Who + a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) is always a good night.

      It looks like you’ve been up to some fun projects as well. 🙂 Yay knitting!

  2. Very beautifully made for someone who is so new to knitting! You are very talented. 🙂

  3. Anthony Miller says:

    The dress is beautiful!

  4. Megan-Anne says:

    I measure how long a project takes to knit in episodes of television (thank you, Neflix) and recently it’s been Dr. Who. Also, the tunic looks fabulous on you. Well done!

    • swish-click says:

      Me too! I think knitting is the perfect way to justify watching lots of Netflix. After all, you’re being productive!

  5. Aunt Christine says:

    I’m very impressed Amy – your dress and assemble look awesome! Speaking of Dr. Who, Shelby recently became a fan and we plan to visit the Dr. Who Experience in Cardiff this summer.

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