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InFest StL #3

2720 Cherokee

Kid Scientist played again at the third InFest STL local music festival at 2720 Cherokee on Cherokee Street. As before, the music was incredible. Here are a few photographs from the performance. For a closer approximation of the full experience, give them a listen while you look!

Kid Scientist wasn’t the only amazing band at InFest either. I heard great music from Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager
Golden Curls

Golden Curls
…and Middle Class Fashion as well.

Look them all up! These bands are too good not to lend a listen.

Also, for any of you reading this in St. Louis, you can catch Kid Scientist and Middle Class Fashion again (along with HUMDRUM, another great local band) on Friday, August 2nd at Off Broadway for the FREE Middle Class Fashion CD Release Show sponsored by New Belgium and 4 Hands!
I know I’ll be there.

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Cherokee Street Art

Last night I was down on Cherokee Street to catch Kid Scientist at the InFest STL music festival at 2720. It was still light out when we arrived (barely), so I caught a few photos of the phenomenal street art and architectural details that line Cherokee before the show.

Someday I’m going to go back when it’s full daylight and shoot the whole length of the street. For now, though, this will have to do.

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The Building: Pre-Renovation

Remember the building in South City that Dave is in the process of renovating?

I had a chance to go in a few weeks ago and photograph what will be the apartment, entirely pre-renovation.  Think of these as the “Before” pictures that will eventually be followed by shiny and impressive “After” shots.

I know I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing the final result.  More to come soon!

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Spontaneous Exploration, or, What I Did with My Daylight Savings

Waking up early and realizing that you have an extra hour in the day is either a recipe for productivity or a chance to roll back over and catch up on sleep.  The recent fall back definitely meant productivity for me.

In between cleaning the bathroom (bathtub and everything!), doing all the piled-up dishes, washing the floor, doing laundry, and cooking up a storm (I made apple pudding for breakfast, roasted butternut squash risotto and black eyed peas & leeks for dinner, and then applesauce and two pumpkin pies just for kicks), I somehow managed to find the time to go adventuring with Joe and Dave.  We biked around Crestwood and spent some time wandering in the now (semi-)abandoned Crestwood Plaza mall.  Here are some photos from the expedition.

Click in.

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Falling for St. Louis

 I love Autumn.  It’s my favorite season, and October is right up there for being my favorite month.  Apple picking, pumpkin carving, costume planning…what’s not to love?

Some highlights from this past October include…

Chickens at Rombach's Farm

…picking out pumpkins at Rombach’s Farm…

…carving into them with the upstairs neighbors…

…apple picking at Eckert’s in Illinois…

…and attending one of the most elaborate Halloween parties I have ever had the honor of experiencing. This guy’s costume (and drinking apparatus) made my night:

Unicorn Halloween Costume
I can only hope that November will be as wonderful.

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Grove Fest 2012

I spent nine hours this past Saturday in the Grove on Manchester for Grove Fest 2012.  According to the Grove’s website, Grove Fest is “an outrageously eclectic FREE street festival [featuring] a diverse set of live music, live and interactive art, fashion shows, street performers, and of course, local food, drinks and wares.”

Above all, it’s a lot of fun.

I was there with Joe and Dave, who were busy filming the next installment in their series of promotional shorts for the Grove committee.  I took the time to snap some pictures myself.

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